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May 27, 2012

Being independent

When our kids started to grow up they gets more independent and wanted to do it their way. It is one of the nice thing, as long as it is in a good way. We definitely make sure that through their being independent we are the parents are there to correct them. They might be able to push your button, however we need to show to them that we are their parents. When they start to be naughty we had to make sure, we'll teach them and explain to them that what they did is bad.

This was happened one day, when he wants to put on his shirt. I tried to assist him, but he never wanted my assistance. I let him put on his shirt. I was amazed to see he actually put it on and on the right hole. Nevertheless, it is the wrong position. So, told his father what happened and showed the pictures with his favorite band on it.

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that's cute, it's exciting to see their changes and how they slowly assert themselves to independence such as putting on their own shirt.

that's true betchai...i love the fast transition that occurs but sometimes, i got frustrated because i wanted to make things faster but because they want to do it themselves it's not as fast as you

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