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Apr 30, 2012

Hiding inside the clothes stand

Being a child is a very happy and good thing everyone could want for. There is no responsibility, you can play and have fun until you get tired. However, when it comes on teaching them what's right from wrong. It is very difficult for them to follow the right thing to do. Parents who wants to make sure there kids will grew up responsible don't tolerate mistakes and makes sure it is perfected. 

Today, we were at the store with my son, we are definitely playing while the husband was in the line to pick up some items he bought online. Because the line was a little bit longer, and kids won't get bored just standing up, doing nothing, this is what our little bundle do while I was busy picking out clearance clothes.

Apparently, he was supposed to be hiding from me...too bad not all the way and exposed his other leg

2 freaking comments:

Hahaha, cute and clever little angel playing hide and seek with mother.

he loved it, too

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