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Apr 17, 2012

Fun place with cousin

This is one of the nicest day that me, my son, his cousin together with two aunts went to a different state. It is a 30 minutes ride from where we used to live. This was the day, that we all decided to go, hang out together and take our little one to a fun place.

This is my first time as well as my son to be in this place. I have seen this amusement place commercial on television. And I really want to take my son there with me once he is more older to appreciate those little rides that makes kids happy. I didn't fail when I had a feeling that he and his cousin will love it there. Although, it is his cousin's second time, she still sees excitement on her face every time I told her that we are on our way.

It was really a fun day and a long day for everyone. We did finish what was the main reasons to be in that state. If only there will be an easier way to just do it all online. In your computer with the comfort of your home. My sister in law would have save some gas money. 

While browsing online, I did find very interesting deals at amazon. I have seen an Amazon promotional codes that would help me purchase items without actually paying the full price. Not only that, they also have AbeBooks coupons if you wanted to see if you in their website if they carry the books you would like to have. I was really amazed to see there Geek Gadgets 2012 deals. It is pretty awesome. I might recommend this to my sister in law. Who knows she might see something and just buy it online without having all the hassle.

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Hello Novah,
I believe it's my first time here. Reading and looking at your pictures make me wish my kids are still this little. Yeah I miss those days...
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to know you more through your posts and through our exchanges!

I like you blog, i like the way you share your recipes online that makes me wanted to cook them too, simple and fast...i miss Filipino foods so in order to eat them, i got to cook them, and with your help it makes things easier...

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