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Apr 20, 2012

continuation of the Chuckie Cheese trip

More pictures here from the Fun place we had. I tried so hard to make sure that I got pictures of every single ride and games my KK went into. It is very fun to watch them enjoying every single ride and games they can play.

I make sure that I have taken shots to the rides they went. Unfortunately, I only used my cell phone camera that's why it isn't as high quality as I wanted it to be. I do hope, that we will be able to visit the store again, that way I have enough time to bring the camera with me and take good quality pictures.

He love this truck a lot, he can stir the wheel, and he actually ride in this twice...

Calling Chuckie Cheese....

Watching cousin on the helicopter ride...his too small for that ride..

Here is the second time he rode in the truck again... I told you he love this ride...

Also nice to see the Crystal Singing Bowls they have here. They have a huge stage with all this giant puppets playing songs. They aren't real, however they have their own instrument. I never took the chance to take pictures because I was too busy chasing my Kk. Maybe next time, I will pretty much document everything.

3 freaking comments:

Wow your baby is growing really fast. A handsome one:)

Ate , I can't comment in history of supernova. The box were we are to enter the code for confirmation that your not a robot is not visible. So the comments are not accepted.

he sorry about that, thank you for the information...will fix it...

glad i am able to finally comment here Nova, before the box for captcha is not visible.

anyway, it's such a joy watching little angels do what they can.

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