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Mar 20, 2012

House Lightning

I have mentioned previously that we are in the process of renovating the house we are going to move-in. YES!!! We are going to move into a different environment, although it will still be in New York State. However, this time it will be more further away from the city. It might be a Rural, however I don't know much about the place yet. We planned to buy the house of my husband's grandmother after they put her in the Nursing Home for good. To keep the property and house in the family, where my husband has so many memories from his childhood. We didn't hesitate to purchase the house. Although, it was still completing the procedure for mortgage, hubby wants to make sure the the place is updated and all the inspection will be pass. 

I am in-charge with the interior renovation and the lightning. It is very helpful for me to somehow to have idea on what kind of lightning to put in the specific rooms we have. The hubbardton forge lighting is one thing I am looking forward to get for the living room. Now I would not be able to get confused of the lighting to get for the living room. I can also get a good design for our bathroom too. One of the golden lighting has the one design I love the most. So it is a matter of time on how fast my husband finished the renovation before installing the lights in the designated areas. 

I am very enthusiast about the place to finally move there and have more privacy than now. Although, I will be missing the place where I build up memories, but moving on and starting a new one in a safer place is not bad at all. 

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oh so excited for you Nova, may the moving smooth, can't wait to see how your interior designing go, love doing that too.

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