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Mar 8, 2012

Daddy's old Chevy

This is the very last time I took a picture with my son and my hubby's old Chevy. It is been in the driveway for over 3 years. One day, neighbor came and talked to my husband about buying the said car. I can see that he had a sad look and said yes. He love this car, unfortunately he couldn't afford to spend the money to replace the car's frame, instead of that he would prefer to use the money towards his family needs. 

One morning, before the car was dragged by the buyer, hubby called me and wants me to take a bunch of picture with the car from different angel. It was funny too, because our son likes to walk around the car. This was a very quick shoot that I got from him. At least, we have some memorabilia with this old car. I'm sure hubby will truly miss the car, however he has to move on.

2 freaking comments:

he is a cutie, happy weekend, Nova.

thank you betchai...likewise

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