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Feb 4, 2012

Another year to be added

Someone is going to be 2 pretty soon. Time flies so fast. And our son will soon be turning 2 on monday. I am excited for him. Because there will be a cake and ice cream and some snacks to be shared on his kid's party to be held at home. I have to make sure that I rearranged the house in order to be more spacious to some of the visitors we have. I just hope it would not be too much crowded so everyone will have a nice snack party.

You are also invited to come and join us.

7 freaking comments:

oh, time flies indeed, advance happy birthday to your little boy Nova, may you have a great weekend and wonderful celebration on Monday.

betchai: thank so much...

Congrats on your little man turning 2 years old. They are so fun at this age. They actually still want to cuddle but they are becoming their own person. Enjoy the party!

happy birthday to your little man

Good luck on your bday party! I am sure, he will have a blast!

Awww... they really do grow up so fast. advance happy birthday to your lil one.:)

Aww I can only image how time flies! x

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