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Feb 22, 2012

Allergy Test

A very quick play before the Allergy Test. It was an hour and a half drive from our town to this Hospital. Have to make sure that everything is good when it comes to our kid's health. Better do it now, and find out what allergic reaction he might be having in order to prevent it from happening. 

It took us at least two hours in that hospital too. Waiting for the doctor to come and asked us questions about the reasons why we wanted our kid to have an allergy test. Although, the said reaction never occurs for a year and since we have given him the ingredients of what's in the coconut cream pie separately. The doctor finally decided that there is no need of us to proceed with the test. 

I am happy to know, that he won't be prick on his back just to test all those different kinds of things. We were advice to call if we have notice an allergic reaction from a food or something that he touch or ate. 

Better safe than sorry right?

2 freaking comments:

good to know he won't need some needles pricked on him.

that's so true...

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