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Jan 24, 2012

What was he last 2011 Halloween

"I was a dog Halloween 2011"
It was a very last minute for me and hubby on what would be our son during the last Halloween celebration. I couldn't figure out what suits him that time. Gladly, with my friend's daughter help, I figured out what to make him for he's been doing this kind of expression while playing with playmate. A cute dogie, this is one of the "BEST" pictures I took from him during day. He is such a squirmy and grumpy for no reason. I guess, that's just what kids are. Trying to test your patience for them. I actually trick him to look at the camera and smiled. It was a very hard trick and I have to be very quick for he never stay still at all. 

However, I'm still thankful for his participation that minute. We didn't go outside for a trick or treat because we have a bad weather that night. He ended up giving out candies to those kids who went out trick or treating. I can see the joy on his face and every  time he handed those candies to those costumed kids by the door.

Was hoping this year, with our new place we can go out for a quick trick or treat, so he'll enjoy seeing other kids outside for a trick or treats.

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