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Jan 17, 2012

Surrounded with adorable ladies...

With Tita Sherrie and cousins
Yes!!! That is my son now! He grew up like a weed. Adored by pretty women as well. Since he was the youngest member of the clan, everyone babied him. The family visited the town before snow hits the weather. Took some nice pictures before the year ends and make sure that my son has pictures with them too. A perfect timing when he seated on Sherrie's lap while playing with her phone. And daughters had the chance to play with him at the same time. 

4 freaking comments:

this is a very beautiful family bonding picture Nova, priceless. look at the joy of your son and each one.

indeed he is lucky little guy to be surrounded by adorable ladies..hehehe.. dropping and Kung Fat Hei this year bring us all abundant blessings and good health, i hope to see you around

Wow indeed your baby grows so fast and so smart.

betchai: thanks for dropping by....agreed... that's why i have to take pictures as much as i can cause we can't repeat time itself....

rosemarie: happy chinese new year too...likewise more wealth and happiness and good health...

yen: he is such a stinker

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