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Jan 27, 2012

Our little Helper

Hubby planned to buy his Grand parent's house, that's why we were on this place this time. He was showing me what needs to be renovate and fix before it is safe for us to move in. Of course, our little one mimics his dad too. He goes where hubby goes and even the actions hubby is been doing he repeats it too. It was funny to look at him, however I was just observing how he deal and of course took pictures for souvenirs. That's what mother's do after all.

Consulting Daddy..

Trying to pull the tape measure

Almost there....

Finally!!! He tried to measured the place too...

Putting stones in the bucket....

2 freaking comments:

Oh so cute, must be heartwarming seeing him copy his dad's actions :)

so true betchai, that's why never let go of this night not taking pictures of what he's been doing so he can share it with his kids in the future..or just something he can look back into

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