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Jan 3, 2012

Having good time with cousin

Playing under the blanket with Cousin...
Another Sunday Night we spent with MIL's house. Since everyone is present, everyone is also having a good time. Including the kids, although they were all over the house due to running and playing. We still enjoy watching them. This is my son and his Ate Mic. They were hiding under that blanket while playing piccaboo. My son enjoys being with his cousin all the time.

4 freaking comments:

Hello Novah!

Happy happy new year to you and your family!

Oh wow. Lovely pic! Did you join them or just took some photos of them?

Have a great 2012!

wow, the picture shows that the kids are really having fun, my son also love it when he is with his counsins..just recently we watched thier favorite movie, you can checy my post about it at

btw, am visiting from my new blog.. i hope to you there also

They are so cute Nova, they really are having so much fun

Happy New year Nova, thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comments. I hope we all have a wonderful year!

Enjoy your weekend,

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