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Dec 18, 2011

Do you??? Really???

Way too close huh!!!

This is what it is like every time I move my head into somewhere. I have to be quick to take picture first to share and make sure he will see this someday. He loves to stand into anything. Fearless kids, not only that, he loves to be more closer in the television while watching his favorite kids show. I am bothered by this, so I always told him "No..No..No" and he gets down and climbs back once he don't see my anymore. I know, I've been a kid once I don't know if I was like him since we don't have a bigger television way way back. I just hope that it won't ruin his eyes just because he sneaks to get closer to the television. 

3 freaking comments:

wow sis, you little baby is now a little boy:-) so quick eh?..well just enjoy this growing up..very cute baby

Laki na ng baby mo te, bilis lumaki. Keep on reminding him not to get near the television:)
Merry christmas po

thanks ladies...

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