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Dec 28, 2011

Daddy's old Toy

Playing with Daddy with his old toys...
This was taken last Summer while me and the family where at Great Grandma's place. The family are trying to sale the stuff to earn money. As to support the family here we are helping them while the garage sale is on going. At the same time, my son is busy playing with the old toys my husband been playing when he was little. This toy seems caught his attention, unfortunately we didn't end up getting the toy for there were other family who got interest with before we do. So, it is basically first come first get. 

2 freaking comments:

Happy New year to you and all of your family, Nova, sorry your son did not get the toy because others got it first, am sure your son had another toy he is very happy with.

betchai: thank you and happy new year too...that's okay it didn't bother him, just want to make sure he had time to play while we are staying outhere...

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