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Nov 11, 2011

Needs an update

I have been L.A.Z.Y updating this website. I don't want to close it but I was thinking of getting it a domain. I want to be under wordpress too but I don't have any knowledge on the transfer. It might not be crazy complicated and difficult as long as I need to read them. However, due to my laziness I seldom read. Which is not good. I have to because I have incorrect grammar. It is shameful to write something that sounds like a Grade 2. 

Still debating, nevertheless I will do my best. I won't promise because it do breaks. And I just need to write something here too since today is 11.11.11. I want to be part of this once in a lifetime date.

5 freaking comments:

same here Nova, I also do not have any knowledge on domain transfer, anyway, just keep this, it will always be here until you move this to another domain.

I am like that sometimes but i really need to specially that Mr G will get back the pr hehhee...Thanks for coming by.

visiting u here.. thanks for visiting my blog.. see u again!

visiting u here.. see u again in my blog!

me too, i have been very busy lately that i was not able to update my blogs regularly :(

but i am trying to make time for it now.. i don't want to lose its traffic and page rank :)

thanks for visiting my blog. see u again! and let's exchange links too!

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