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Nov 28, 2011

Little Poor Thing

Two months ago, our precious little one was sick. He was very sick that we didn't even know that it was really that critical. He was totally fine and you can't tell that he is not feeling well. After having a bloody nose one dawn. We took him to the ER to make sure he is fine and for the medical knowledge people stops the bloody nose. It turns out to be something bad. 

He has to wear the helmet to protect his head from bump. We all knew that kids at this age are full of life. So here are some goofy pictures we took during that day in ER while waiting for the decision to be made. 

 Trying to smile for the camera...

Helmet is really big for his size, ridiculous they don't have  the smallest size....
Nurse never came back after bringing the same helmet size....
So, we end up putting cloth in it to help it fit on Chaos' head...

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