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Oct 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

It is time for a Trick or Treat again. More candies for the kids. More sugars to take. This is the time to see those adorable little kids who is wearing their favorite costumes. My son will be a puppy this year. Although, I am debating to whether take him out for a quick trick or treat because of the cold weather. I still haven't decided about that. We might go for a couple of houses so I could just take pictures of him and his dad. Then we will head home so we can give out candies to the trick or treaters. I haven't took pictures of my son yet, I put on his costume yesterday so his Lola and Great Lola will see him on what's he going to be for Halloween. I will make sure I have enough good pictures to share. 

Once again, Happy Halloween everyone. May you have an enjoy and fun celebration. 

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hi sis, was here visiting from my link list..

happy halloween!

i hope u can visit my blogs too!

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