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Oct 4, 2011

At the Park with Tita's and Pinsan

As far as I remembered, this was the very first time my son spend the afternoon in a park. It is one closer to our house. I never took him there because classes were  still going and I don't want him to get hurt with all those kids playing in the park. I know I am just over protected, however I would rather be that way than just leaving your kid and end up getting hurt. 

At the end, with his Tita's and cousins with him, he enjoyed the playground and eager to just do it himself, which of course will not happen anytime soon. 

He loves the slide...

8 freaking comments:

Everyday your baby boy ate is getting taller and smart as I witness on your pics here.

Yen: yes he is...thank you for the visits and comment...

oh, glad to know he had wonderful time there, gee, must be hard watching him without your heart beating so fast, yet is a joy seeing him as well having a time of his life.

Hi Ate, glad to be again. sa wakas naka pag gala rin:). be back here again

betchai: so true, since it was his very first time to be at the park...he was totally aggressive to do everything by himself, thanks to tita shelly who loves him so much...

Yen: glad to hear from you often..i better start updating my page often as i could

Making my way here to my favorite blog ever. :)

nice family bonding :)

i love your layout dear!
i hope you can visit my blogs too!
see u!

Checking you here ate novs:) Happy Hallooween!

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