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Aug 29, 2011

More Dirt

This was last Memorial Day May of 2011. I got the chance to finally took a picture of my son while enjoying the dry leaves, dirt outside the house. I was furious at first but later on I told myself the more that he is expose to dirt the more that his immune system builds up. He never pays attention to the camera that much every time he is out of the house. Now, the time has come for him to just enjoy the lovely outside.

6 freaking comments:

Cute baby he enjoyed picking the leaves and study it hehhee...

He is so cute. Bibong bibo ang baby mo te.:)

look at him, he has grown fast, he is so cute, Nova.

hii salam kenal iya dari vira .. :)
jangan lupa mapir keweb vira iya di vira mau berbagi pengalaman nih.:)
wah bagus juga iya blog ka2 ... ^_^ good luck iya.....

thank you all....

Love reading your post.

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