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Aug 11, 2011

Like Mother like Son

This is what I saw one day when I noticed that my son was gone in my sight. He was too busy on how to open my laptop. This is my little corner in the house. Where I spend my time when my son is on his nap time. 

Maybe he was trying to be like Mommy. I'm sure what your kid sees from their parents will be copied too. We have to watch out what we are going in order to give a good example to our children. 

He never figure out how to open my laptop, or not yet. Once he'll be strong enough he will be able to open it by himself. I have to barricade it pretty soon so he won't be able to get into just anything. 

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:) hehehe, this picture brought a lot of smile to my day Nova, still LOL here. indeed, what they see from us, they follow.

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