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Aug 5, 2011

He LOVES to be outside

I was swiping the rest of the dried leaves from last year's fall. That's what that black garbage bag was doing in the yard. It was just me and my son one nice afternoon. So, I grabbed my camera and took a one nice shot. He really loves to be outside. I am thankful that we have a fence in our backyard that way it would be easier for me to barricade  my son in one spot. It is an enough space for him to run around, play with the leaves, sticks and grass. It nice to see your kid having so much fun outside and plus we put more toys for him outside so he will enjoy them before a long winter comes again. 

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I agree with you Nova, it is healthy and great if kids love to be outside, not only they get fresh air, but the outside world gives them physical, mental and emotional stimulation as they continue to build strength.

love the picture.

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