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Jul 10, 2011

Swinging makes him sleepy

This is one of the days that I visited my Filipina friend here. It was the afternoon that we had a barbeque at their house. My son and my friend's daughters were close because I was babysitting her kids while both my friend and her husband goes to work. It is one good thing as well, because it gives my son company/playmate during the time we are babysitting the girls. 

This is the first time I got the chance to put him on that swing, because we usually don't hang outside the house for the younger sister of this girl who is beside my son usually likes to watch Barney. 

While I was pushing him and swinging back and forth. I have noticed that my son's eyes were starting to get heavier and heavier. Definitely, he likes swinging because it doesn't bothered him nor he is scared when I pushed him more. I couldn't get a perfect timing when his about to rest his eyes, however this is the best among that pictures I have taken. All I can say is it makes him fall asleep on the swing. It was cute to look at specially when they can't control themselves. 

After 3 hours at my friend's place, we decided to hit the road. It was already 8 o'clock and it was almost my son's bedtime. While his dad helped him change and put him to sleep, I was too busy checking out a online party store. I was thinking of buying good stuff online with the great deal they can offer for the party that might be happening anytime soon. 

5 freaking comments:

oh, she is so cute Nova. it's a joy playing with them.

lol. this reminds me of clayton when he was 1yr old. he doesnt like the swing because it made him fall asleep.

Time flew so fast your baby boy ate is big now, and so cute. So he finds swinging peaceful and relaxing and a good way to rest. :-)

That's nice, play dates anytime! =)

The swing does make one go to sleep. For sure... hammocks make me go feel sleepy, too. zzzzzzzzz...

tha't s a good thing though. your baby has a playmate. He won't be bored. and Oh.. I love Barney, too! Does your kiddo love the purple dinosaur?

You take care and see you around. Hugs to your angel!

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