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Jun 26, 2011

Hanging out with Mama

One early morning, when I was in the mood to take pictures of me and my son. An ordinary day that we weren't into busy of getting ready for babysitting. I took my camera took a picture with us hoping that my son will stay still when the whole thing is don. He won't, I tried many times and the most good among is this one. 

My only concern is for him to look at the camera. He is the kind of kid that isn't a camera fan. You have to make an effort in order for him to look at the camera. But when he does, it is worth of the effort. 

8 freaking comments:

glad to see you and your son Nova, he looks cute and smiling here.

betchai: thanks a bunch for the visit..

Hello Nova! Ang bilis ng panahon. More than one year old na ang iyong little angel. Good to know that you're with him to see his growth. Ang cute niya!

Ay! hirap pala magpicture-picture with your baby. That's okey. At least yung effort mo was not wasted kasi ang cute ninyong dalawa sa pic!

Take care and see you around! Hugs!

Maxi: thank you girl, so true, he won't stay still, sometimes i got to take a stolen shot of him. they grow so fast...that's why i am glad to be a full time mother and wife to nurtured him so well...

true enough! at your son's age, its really hard to make him a poser for the cam. The least we can do is make several shots hoping to catch a good one.

haha oo nga te, its worth a picture. cute ng baby mo talaga.

hehhe..cute..buti nalng nakuha mong nakatingin sya:) all doing here:)

he is so cute Novs! pahipi ang smile. my little guy used to smile whenever he sees the camera.. karon dili na dyud. all i get is blur image kay hasta mang lihukana. dili naman mupuyo. i missed it.

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