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Jun 10, 2011

One Sunday Afternoon

Can't stop from playing the spinning toy. He loves the music, plus it won't hurt your ear to hear the same music, for it says that it plays more than 5 songs. So far, due to the old age of the toy [which is 8 years old, because this was the toy his cousin used before] it still perfectly works.

This was one of the ordinary Sunday afternoon. Playing with this cousins while hanging out with the family. We are at my Mother in laws place that time. Every kid that I knew off loves to play with this spinning toy. Although, my son doesn't know how to spin himself yet, however he will eventually get there. Time will only tell. Kids do grow up so fast that you won't even notice specially when your with them always. 

While watching the kids playing inside the living room, adults have their own topics too. I think we were talking about refinancing home loan with my Sister in law. For we suggested to her and her boyfriend to get a house instead of renting one. At least the money they pay towards that house will soon be worth it. Because someday, once it is finished they can call it the house theirs. Nevertheless, the boyfriend doesn't have plan of getting a mortgage because it has so much responsibilities then just renting an apartment. 

3 freaking comments:

sis, you're baby is so cute:-)

laki na talaga ng bebe mo te. cute cute! Pakiss:-)

thank you so much ladies...

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