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May 5, 2011

Our sleeping Bear...

It was one Sunday afternoon, when this happened. He just looked so cute on that bear hat and he was totally deeply asleep. So for Mommy to have a memory about it, I took a picture and here you go. If you noticed he really have a good gripped with that armchair just to make sure he is secure while sleeping. I don't remember if he woke up when Daddy took him out of his seat. But it was a pretty cute picture just want to share it.

6 freaking comments:

he's so cute and adorable...

oh, glad for you that you froze this memory, so cute Nova. and thanks for sharing. hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

carolyn: thank you, i know right... i will always have this forever...

betchai: our kids unusual things experience is such overwhelming.. i'm glad i have one

too cute!! love his hat. =)
tugnaw pa dira sis? balot pa man kaau imong baby. btw salamat diay sa pagbisita kanunay sa akong mingaw na payag. hehehe =)

emzkie: dati pa na nga pic sis.. atong winter pa late ra ang post.. your always welcome thanks for the favor too...

Indeed! so cute and huggable, Hmm, and even in sleep he shows smartness with the way he hold the armrest of his stroller, haha. Mana sa mommy. Ay ate Happy mothers day po pala. sorry po sa late greeting. now lang din kasi ako nakapag bloghop.

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