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May 15, 2011

He loves to play

That's why when I got packages in the mail one day, he never stops playing the empty boxes at all. I was busy unpacking it and makes sure that I put everything on the table so he won't be able to reach it. Here he is, busy playing with the empty boxes. I like it, he has his own world and he also mumbles when he plays with those. I wish I could read toddler's mind, that would be awesome!

He would prefer playing with these boxes than his toys. What a curious little earth thing.

Couldn't take it anymore, so he gets inside the shallow box

8 freaking comments:

hahaha he's so cute playing that empty boxes..

Carolyn: mao jud sis.. nalingaw si inahan mao picture2 dayon

Anlaki na ng bebe o te novs, ka cute. pakiss!!!

Yen: thank you..uu grabe ang bilis nilang lumaki..huhuhu

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funny little baby... so cute and curios =)

Hi ate novs, hope to see more pics of chaos here:-)

Haha! That little angel of yours is definitely filled with cuteness! Yeah, we all wish that we could read every toddlers' minds.

Take care and hugs!

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