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Apr 25, 2011

They are all grown up...

I really miss my family back in my homeland. I could not wait to spend time with them especially with my fully grown nieces and nephews. I remember the day the moved here, they were all small I totally miss everything and never sees them grown. They are still cute and I can't wait to give each a big hug and kisses.  I do hope that they will have the bond of closeness with me when I get back. Since, it is almost 3 years now that we never spend time with each other. 

I took this pictures from one of my sister in law's niece who likes to share it with me. I am glad that I never fail to visit her FB account to check more pictures of my family back in GenSan, Philippines. 

I assumed they were asked to gather together...

My two silly nephews whom I miss so much, it looked like they are making a monster faces

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paspas ra bya kaau na sila mangdagko Novs. mingaw na pud ko ug davao oi.. its been 4 years na nga wala ko ka uli. mga dagko na pud akong mga pag umangkon. hahay.. mingaw

Emzkie: mao lagi emz, this is the life we choose maong we have to accept the fact that we will miss everything in our homeland with your family... but it would be fun unta no if we are near with them...

same here..i miss my family back home. especially my niece and nephews too. sure they grow really fast.
by the is it ok to exlinks? thank u.


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