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Apr 2, 2011

First Plane ride

It was the day for our trip to New York City. It was our son's first plane flight and vacation too.  This was on our way back home. Never got the chance to take picture on our way to NYC because I am not sure if he will be truly behave. He was totally fine when the plane takes off, but it bothers him when it is about to land. I won't blame him if it bothers his ears, for we adults has the same issue due to the air pressure. 

He was cranky and jet lag during this time. So, I never hesitate to took a picture while he is still fine. Glad Daddy is around to help me and make sure that we don't distract the passenger who sits beside our seat. 

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hi sis! New York ra man diay ka.. duol kaau diri sa PA. unta magkita ta puhon. kapoi ra bya kaau ng mag travel uban bata. ka try dyud ko ana ba. 3 years ago. =)

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Emz, sounds great hatagi kog imong home add by, i send ra sa akong email aron macheck nako unsa ka layo kay usahay naga adto mi ug ERIE, PA...

lagi, luoy pud sila kay jet lag permi then changes ba... maayo nlng inig uli nako pinas mag 3 na ni...di na kaayo tanto...

Wow, this is my first time to see baby chaos up close in the pic, so cute with daddy. Love it Ate.

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