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Apr 28, 2011

The Day I always Remember

One of a remembered day was April 28th for me. This was the day my nephew was born. We are super happy because he was the first baby to be with us in the house. I do have other niece and nephews but they were far away from us. We named him Lance Karl, I gave him the first name for I really love the name LANCE. He brought so much joy to the family and created a strong bond with me too. But sometimes, God needs Angel in Heaven and he was been called. Everyone were sad from his departure, because we will no longer see his presence and see how he grow and what will he be when he grow up. 

However, God has so many plans for us. Maybe he was intended to be a child forever? Every birthday we releases balloons and went to his graveyard and celebrate it with a prayer. We truly miss him, I still remember the happiness we treasure. 

For the first time, I am going to release a balloon in his presence and remembering his birthday. I just hope for  at least a minute or so our wind will cooperate and will not blow my balloon to be caught in the trees. We will see about that.


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Its sad to lose someone but it is a great comfort to know that they are in the hand of the Father. Lance is better off with HIM and one day you will see him again. Its sweet of you to remember his birthday.

TESS: I will never forget his birthday and the moments spending with him... it's incomparable... so true he is better of with the CREATOR

very sad story Novs. =( i bet u missed him a lot

Just Between U and Us

Oh, sad. But really not sad at all, because God has a good reason why Lance was taken to heaven.. cheers.

I am sorry for the loss Nova, but am glad also to see you see the deeper reason why he had to leave your family early, he is now in heaven, one of your angels.

Emzkie: it is and you are right, i do miss him so bad everyone does... too bad we don't see him until our next life...

Yen:So true, we do accept that God needed him as HIS ANGEL more than we do... it is just his presence and his company that we truly miss...:(

Betchai: I know i can talk to him, don't hear his response right away but i am sure he is helping us all... i'm sure he is more happy in heaven too... can't wait to see him again...

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