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Mar 29, 2011

Why would you teach

Your kid to listen to adults conversation? Why would you ask your kid instead of confronting those people you think spread gossip about you? Would it be a mature way of asking or confronting them? I guess that's the best way to solve unsolved issues. 

I felt bad for that kid who is related to me and whom so close to me. You are just teaching her how to spread gossip and listen to adults conversation. That's not the good start on teaching your kid good manner and right conduct, if the mother teach them to do something that isn't appropriate.

I don't know what's going to happen next. But I surely do that I will really feel so bad for the kid, if the mother continues and permits that her 8 yrs old daughter will listen to adults conversation. 

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pst! Nova long time no hear! musta na? nakit-an tika sa bisdak. xchange links ta! bag-o na akong blog. wala na tong stevemz. mao na ni..

by the way... great post about parenting. =)

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