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Feb 2, 2011

Scary Gift

For some reason our son don't like this toy the first time it starts spinning and popping out the balls. It has a music but I am sure one thing that scares him was the noise when the small machine pops out the ball. I observed him while I was holding him and tries to play and introduce this toy to him. He startled when it pops out the balls. 

They said that sometimes, baby's do "make friends" with their toys to in order to play them .

Later on, he never startled and at the same time me and hubby keeps playing this toy that way our son would not be scared to play it by himself. Although, it never happens yet but we will see.

2 freaking comments:

Ay ang cute pa naman ng toy ni chaos, I'm sure he will play with it one of these days:-)

Yen: oh, he love them all, super gulo ng bahay once he is playing them

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