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Feb 15, 2011

He just turned ONE

After months of preparations for his First Birthday. The day has finally came. I was super duper busy as what you expect. But thanks to the help of family and friends his birthday party was a success. Although, the games wasn't a success because it never started due to that the kids had fun with other kids. But I guess it would be must happier for them to have the game. 

I never even took more pictures because I was busy checking out the foods and the guest. However, hubby took more videos than pictures and all I have to do is to took a snapshot of it in Windows Movie Maker. 

I guess there will be more work to be done. I will make sure that next time I will never forget to take pictures to just everything. Now, our baby just turned one everyone is happy and I totally miss those days that he just sleep and on his tummy. Nevertheless, we are still even happier that he is now a big boy that way we could enjoy him even more. 

I am also looking for a nice glass display cases to store some of our figurines now that our son knows how to crawl and walk when his holding into something. I have to make sure that I secure this nice things we have at home before he will wreck every single one of them.  I haven't found it yet glad there are online shopping where I can always browse anytime I want. 

6 freaking comments:

Wow! happy 1st birthday Chaos, your so blessed to have a very supportive mom and dad. Thank God, for a wonderful birthday party:-)

belated happy birthday to your little one Nov...he's so lucky to have a parents like you and your hubby..

yes, I have YM and skype i will email you my account..

talk to you soon:-)

Yen: thank you girl, sana ikaw na rin magka baby...

Carolyn: thank you sis, unta naa mo dre kay lingaw jud...

Wow, Feb pod diay ni imo little boy Novs, pareho diay sa akong little boy's birth month pod, B-lated 1st b-day to him....

OO 3 years old na akong little boy...

In swedish we will greet the celebrant by saying " grattis pÄ födelsedagen " means congrats to your birthday :).. I will be a mom soon and cant wait to see my baby soon..hope everything will be alright...thanks for visiting my blog...

lisa: they grow up so fast jud no.. uu liz, feb month pud ni sya..

shy:congratulations shy and i do hope everything went well for your pregnancy and delivery...

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