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Jan 11, 2011

Parents gift

Last Christmas, this was me and hubby thought to give to our son. Knowing that he is on the stage of walking and exploring it would be BEST to give him something that could help him explore his skills. 

At first day, he kinda not like into it. But I guess baby's do that. They have to "be friend" with their new toy. 

I caught him on the act one day that he finally explore and play with it. He never pushes it still but I am sure he is on that process.

4 freaking comments:

Such a cute baby!
Each & every step of a small kid is amazingly funny.... attractive :)

sis laki na ng baby mo ah

sasmita thanks for the visit...

Avee: super sis, they grow up so fast...

your baby is so cutie, will have like that so soon...hope we can exchange links :)..

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