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Jan 7, 2011

Motorbike riding and Our 11 Month Baby

Time flies sooooo fast. I can't  blame my son for growing so fast too. I could remember last year I was still pregnant of him and enjoyed the movement of him inside me. It's not that I don't enjoy him now, I even loved him now that he is finally with us. Giving us so much joy and happiness. Pretty soon he will be on his toddler stage and I am not sure if I will be ready for that yet. I want him to be just a baby however, we have to deal the fact. Babies do grow up and fast. 

This picture was taken last December 2010 when he was on his 10 month old. Went to the mall with his Daddy's friend and girlfriend and while we are resting on the bench area. I cinched to put him on one of those rides. Never put coins in it for it will just go wasted. He won't even looked at me while I took pictures he usually do. Since he was so occupied with the lights and button [which by the way his favorite thing] he forget that Mama is trying to get him a pretty good picture.

Yesterday, he turned 11 months and man! I tell you he is such a big boy now.

2 freaking comments:

Ay ka cute! an laki na ni chaos. He loves bike? wow, thats interesting to know, hehe.

Sorry te, I was only able to update my post just now, since holidays have started. I hope I can visit more often here now.:-)

YEN: thank you for the visits ha... i do understand you... i am not sure if he likes the bike or just the lights and buttons in it...

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