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Jan 28, 2011

From Ninang Fritzie

This gift last Christmas has a grand entrance in our household. It was shipped through Amazon box and it makes noise. My sister in law told me that she decided to purchase my gift online, address in my name. But she don't usually used my fullname and my middle name. So, me and hubby were kinda confused and intrigue of who send this box in our doorstep. Nobody from my friends sent me a message or text me that they sending gift. So we are scared to open it. After investigating from my sister in law if her gift does weights 9.0lbs I finally posted a note on FB about this weird gift who just came in the mail that night. 

It took a day or two before my friend who is my son's godmother actually message me that she's the one who sent the package. We were relieved knowing that it is actually coming from one of my son's godmother. I thanked her and told her how we felt when we got it in the mail and it actually makes sounds. We never opened it until after Christmas, it was the first gift that came for our son and it was the last gift we opened too. 

Now, our son enjoyed the capability it gives him. He plays with it ofter and likes to push it once in a while. Very very cool. Thank you madz.

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