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Dec 17, 2010

Claps and Dance

At 10 months old a baby surely has more development unlike before. I am not sure but every month my son has a new discoveries. He will keep doing it and never stops until the incoming month. This month he just clapped and dance all of a sudden and as a mother I make sure he knows what he is doing so I will tell him that he is clapping " palakpak" in Tagalog and "sayaw" or Dance. And every time he do it. I always says those words. It is pretty much amusing that he knows so many things now. 

Perfect timing because last night my mother and brother called me through Skype and good thing at 11pm in the evening my son is still wide awake. Thanks to the late afternoon nap he sometimes awake unto those hours. Sometimes we just let him drain himself by playing with him so once he gets tired it will be easy for him and me to go to bed. 

My family in Philippines was amused and he entertains them by doing the clapping and dancing while I sing a dance songs to him. I can hear they are laughing out loud. I miss them hopefully some day we will be able to see them personally and spend time with them too. For now let's stick to what bests for us and my son. Earn money for the vacation and who knows we might include Hoseasons Self Catering Holidays in our trip someday.

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