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Dec 6, 2010

10 months old

Chaos turned 10 months old today December 06, 2010. What I cooked for dinner? Rice noodles [Pancit Bihon] and I'll be making Caldereta out of pork for the very first time. Usually we use goat meat right, but since it is impossible for me to get one here or if there is I don't want to risk of not making sure I tender it enough.

I took pictures of Chaos so I could have some remembrance and for his photo book too. Time flies so fast that pretty soon he will be turning 1 year old. He learned so many things and explore things on his own at the same time with my supervision of course. I can't wait to have a sib for him someday.

3 freaking comments:

Wow, happy 10month old chaos. parang kelan lang a, ambilis ng araw tlaga. next day you know, he is schooling na. ang saya naman.

Yen: thank you uu super fast na talaga ang panahon... kaya i have to enjoy him while he is still a baby...

Wow hapit na mag 1 year imo little boy...know he shares a lot of things na jud Novs and laughters as well...

Hahahahah..katawa man ko sa imo cmments oi, tinuod jud ka effective kaau,hehehehe...bitaw walay laing ma topic charr charr lang god,hahahaha..ty kaau sa comments...

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