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Nov 24, 2010


While reading about option trading I heard my son cried. He is done with his late morning nap. So, I left my online reading and go to pick him up and play. I have to make sure that I spend more time with my growing son. Time flies so fast and pretty soon he will grow fast and I will be missing the kissing and snuggling that I did with him. I love to tickle him and kiss him on his chicks they are just soft and he likes it too. When they grow up it would be different it is not that they won't let you but they will tell you that they are no more a baby. Especially when they start having crushes in school. So for now I have to spend as much time as I can in order to have so much memories with him. I also loved to listen when he calls me Mama and whining...but not all the time...

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