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Nov 10, 2010

I've never been happier

For the past days after Mr. G update the pr. I got a PR 2 on this blog. Then I was super happy because at least it gains its PR back after all the updates necessary that I have to do. Then, I lost it for some reason, I told myself maybe because I got all the paid post that accepts this blog for my sideline income. I was devastated for the reason that this will be the only page that I can get income from when I checked one day my PR was gone. 

Then another blessing came to me. My domain in the other blog's comes back after 2 years that it lost its PR. I was totally hopeless for that . I did everything but nothing has change until this week. What a lucky me huh! Thank to God I have a way of looking more paid post online and I can check shutters online.

2 freaking comments:

wow! congratulations. .PR 2 is such a biggest achievement! I am jealous hehe I hope my blog too soon:)

stephen: Just keep aiming it... i got it but like i said i am still confuse...

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