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Nov 12, 2010

I don't know why....

Okay one major thing that is in my mind is I am confused. I can't let it out here yet until I figure it out. It is not something in related to my life here but its related with the blog. I might have confuse but the grace that was given will also be taken advantage with. I do hope you know what I mean. 

Christmas is fast approaching, I am not sure what else to give to my mother in law as well as to my mother. What about this unique hermle clocks? Do you think they will appreciate it? I know it is an antique one but I want to give both of them the same thing. Will see, I have to  figure out how to ship this to my mother in Philippines since my box is already loaded. Will see.

4 freaking comments:

Oh, I'm sure your mother in law will appreciate whatever you decided to give them in the coming holiday ate. :-)

Yen: i do hope so.. hehehe

as long as it's from the heart. .thought that counts right?:)

elpi: definitely...

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