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Nov 17, 2010

Enjoying my son

As the day goes by so fast. I only realized that our son is getting bigger and longer. They weighed him one time at WIC office and he was already 20 lbs and they took his height which is 29 inches. He is already 2 feet tall. Almost half of my size. I know I was not that lucky to get a higher height but that's fine. All people thought I was only 22 years old which is way too young for my original age. How old am I? It's a secret, it's not that I am ashamed of it but I would rather keep it that way.

Moreover, every new discoveries my son learned makes me happier. That means he is developing very well. I feel proud to myself because I have guided my son into just the right way. I guess after doing the Business Logo Design online. I will definitely go back and play with him after he watched his video that helps him learn words and stuff. Oh before I forget, whenever I talked, or sing he mimics me. So that means another thing, pretty soon he will starts to talk. Ooh my! I better enjoy him while he is still a baby. Because once they grow up they don't want you to snuggle with them or kiss them on their chicks because they are already a boy. I do hope he won't change and he will still let me. Will see then.

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yah, i love playing with my son too... im here visiting

imelda: thanks for the visit madz...

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