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Nov 15, 2010

Does he love spongebob?

Right after I checked the Online Life Insurance. This is what I have seen with my son. We were at my friend's house because we are babysitting that time. Does he really likes spongebob? I am not sure yet, it is too early to tell but he likes it when this cartoon character makes a funny noises. 

I immediately took my camera out from my diaper bag to take a quick caption of him with spongebob. He looked like he is hugging the cartoon. Plus matching the closing of his eyes just happen when I took the picture. It definitely looks like he is in love with this cartoon character. Isn't that funny. It's really amazing that I capture good memories with my baby.

3 freaking comments:

well sponge bob is so cute and we can't deny it. MAybe he like the color yellow heh so adorable.

For sure he likes spongebob, try to let him watch online or in Nickelodeon channel. that's what I did to my little boy 'til now he likes spongebob...

elpi: maybe the color though..that attracts him...

lisa: i don't exposed him that much in television but once in awhile won't hurt him,

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