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Nov 2, 2010

Chaos First Halloween

He was a monkey. The first time he celebrate Halloween here. We dressed him up at his Great Grandmother's house because we came over there to visit her before heading to my mother in law's place so they could see him too.

Before that, we went all to church that morning to celebrate the Eucharist. Good thing that my husband goes with us. We've seen my "kumare" Tess with her daughter Jessah. We go to church whenever they are because my partner don't go as often as me and my son to church. The good thing is that he compromise with it, and I am happy with that already.

Anyways, we decided to join with my husband's sibling's kids to trick or treat. We choose not to bring a bag for candy with us because nobody is going to eat the whole thing. Maybe next year when his almost 2 yrs old. We never stayed up late too because the temperature outside is way too cold. I don't want to risk my son's health over some candy. At least he experienced it although he will not remember anything, of course pictures that I took will help him see his first trick or treat.

2 freaking comments:

aww ka cute ni chaos as a monkey noh?

imelda: I will try to post a photo kanang di ra kaayo klaro iyang nawong kay i don't like posting his pics dre jud ba.. may untag fb ni...

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