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Nov 9, 2010

9 Months old.

Does time flies so fast? My son is getting bigger and bigger day by day. He is getting older too. Last 6th of November a day before my birthday. He turned 9 months. His more mobile now and he loves to explore things on his own. Sometimes, its just too much that he will drain your energy. That's why whenever he is taking his naps, I have to make sure that I do all the chores and finished it before he wakes up that way, I can still do extra curricular activities. For example, is in the computer. Lol. Soon enough he'll get 10 and for all we know he will be celebrating his first year birthdate. Oh well, I better enjoy this while it last.

2 freaking comments:

wow! congrats! you should be happy. . Prayers would be a great help to help your child grow on such a nice way.

stephen: Of course i am super happy...

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