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Oct 12, 2010

Good Blessing

After a year or so of waiting and hoping that this page/blog will be given grace from Google. It finally come true. Thanks to the advice or Yen a fellow blogger on how to get a pagerank in your page before Google updates. I did followed it until few weeks before the said update never had the chance to blog for some important reasons behind.

Today, is probably one of my luckiest day. While hoping for a grace in the paid websites to even get just at least one paid post. I found out that I have two open opportunities. To my enthusiast I grab it right away. I never checked the minimum requirement until when I scroll down I've seen a mark. I checked my other page but no luck with them. 

I just want to share my happiness today to you all. I do hope that it'll last and it'll continue rising up. It looks like I have a temporary insurance, that I can hold on too whenever I need something so bad. Hope you all have a blessing like I do.

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