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Oct 15, 2010

Climbs anywhere

I am talking about our 8 months old son. Since he starts crawling at the age of 7 months he would like to explore more things. Such as climbing to just any furniture and stands he can see in our house. Me the mother of course is pretty much worried about him. Although, I have to make sure that I'm always behind him, keep an eye of him anywhere he goes. It is also frustrating for me. I can't do chores if  all I do is to play with him.

Glad walker was invented, it really helps a lot for me. I can just put him in it and he can go pretty much anywhere he desires too. But it won't last, he gets bored with it and cinched back to explore what on the floor.

I must say it is fun to have a baby,  but when they start growing and exploring and would like to do it more. It is a nuisance to the mother.

What will be the next thing he will traverse. I'll definitely let you know.

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Rearing a child really entails a lot of sacrifice. Don't worry though because time is fleeting. You will never know it but years will pass so fast...and then you will only realize that your baby has already graduated from his elementary schooling and is already going to high school.

Enjoy all the moments now with him...congratulations!

Anton: so true.. that's why i sacrifice my job and become a full time mother so i won't miss anything my son has done...

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