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Sep 9, 2010

Missing my Pamangkins

That is the video snapshot I took yesterday while video chatting with my brother. That is not his kids though, but that's our older brother's kids. Since our older brother wasn't home he got the chance to "borrow" the kids from my sister in law. While she focuses watching the 7 months old they have. Big family, I know, but it's way too fun having siblings. 

This is the finale of the night before they will go to sleep. My brother told me that they have to go, because the kids has to wake up early on the next day for school. Yes, again he'll feed and give them a bath. Is he married? Yes, his wife is working abroad and still they are working out of having their own kids. 

This night was really fun because on the next day will be my brother's birthday. I really miss my niece and nephews in my hometown. And I can't wait to see them soon too. I guess that is what you call an asia love.

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