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Sep 30, 2010

I can't get out!!!

That's what this picture looked like. Okay, since my son starts crawling and moving from one place to the other. He ended up being stock on his pack n play one day. I just watched him at first if he knows how to get out from that thing. Unfortunately not, and hearing that he struggles to come out and getting anxious to go out. I took a quick snap first before helping him out. So just to share you where his been up lately.

Oh my son grew so fast. He is already 7 months old. Learns so many things in the milestones. What's next? He'll start walking and talking and going to school? Oh my son.

2 freaking comments:

Haha, ang likot na ni chaos. He is starting to experiment na ng mga moves na pede niyang gawin, ang cute.

thanks Yen, oh he nakakatuwa talagang tingnan...

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