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Sep 2, 2010

Crawling backwards?

That's what my son C doing lately. He creeps though but its backwards. My MIL told me that he'll starts to learn to crawl soon. I make sure that I video taped everything he does. That way I can recall things he did when he was a baby. They grow up so fast that's why I have to make sure that memories will not just be kept in our heads but also in dvds. I send copies to my family way back my hometown. Since they can't be here to witness my son growing at least I have a dvd to showed to them.

I wonder what will be the next step he will discover. Don't worry I'll make sure that I'll update you too. And what else one thing that I want to have this year aside from the amazing things my son is discovering to himself is having a car title loan. I want to have my license before the year ends. That way I could go anywhere without hassling anyone.

4 freaking comments:

thats the start sis, backward crawling and soon he will try to stand up. happy saturday sis

hello sis.. na vote kona si chaos.. Happy sunday!

ingon ana pod akong anak sa una niyang crawl Novs, sometimes pod kay magtighaya sya, instead magkulob sya maghayang hinuon, until perfect na gyod iyang kamang. Korek gyod ka dapat imo i save gyod na tanan even photos lang kay karon cge gihapon ko tan aw sa mga photos ug videos sa akong anak.

@Imelda & Lisa: Thanks for the advice ladies... nakaka-amuse jud ning atong mga experiences

@jona: thank you girl

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