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Sep 17, 2010

Back to Swing

Right after checking the custom business card, I decided to put my son back to his swing. It is really funny to see that he really has to hold both the hanging toys. I am not sure if he is scared or he just wants to hold them both at the same time. I tell you he never let go even if he falls asleep. I never even noticed that he already fall asleep that fast. 

The reason I put him back there because this is just the second time around that he uses the swing. At least this time it seems he kinda like it. 

It took him 2 hours to sleep on the swing. I am not sure about how much weight capacity does it only allows though. He is getting heavier and heavier and taller each month. I don't care as long as I see that he loves it, he enjoys watching the colorful lights up plus the lullaby makes him fall asleep too.

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